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Advanced Clinical Procedures

In Advanced Clinical Procedures I, students simulate assisting in live chairside settings. They also assist in several live dental procedures, like cavity preparation, fillings, and root canals. In this course, students also take live intraoral and panoramic x-rays, record dental notes during procedures, and sterilize/disinfect the environment. In Advanced Clinical Procedures II, students move onto…

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Dental Anatomy and Physiology

This class is devised to educate students about the physical features of the human mouth, head and neck, as well as the specific function of those anatomical features. Students will learn to detect, name, and explain distinct physical characteristics and functions of the mouth. This class will also cover pathologies, conditions, diagnostic tools, and treatments….

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Dental Charting and Documenting

In this course, students are taught the importance of accurate dental records to the overall function and profitability of a dental office. Students are familiarized with techniques and abbreviations commonly used in modern dentistry to correctly keep track of existing treatments and plan for future ones. Students are taught clinical observation and classification of common…

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Dental Instruments for Assistants

This class aims to deliver students essential knowledge of all instruments used in a modern American dental office. Students will become adept in setting up dental operatories for a wide variety of dentals procedures. Students are also taught the proper way to hand instruments to dentists amidst each procedure.

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Dental Materials

Part 1 of Dental Materials mainly gives students an introduction to filling materials used in modern dentistry. Students get a chance to work with popular filling components by replicating the conditions of real-life chairside dental procedures. Part II of Dental Materials presents students essential information about impression material, waxes, and gypsum products. Exhibitions highlighting the…

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Dental Radiology

Part 1 of Dental Radiology outlines the history of radiography, the minimal risks that go along with modern day radiographs, and the State & OSHA safety regulations governing the practice. Students are introduced to various kind of x-ray units, films, and techniques for performing one of the most conventional x-rays in dentistry- the bitewing. Part…

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Infection Control In Dental Setting

In this course, students are shown how to comply with State and Federal guidelines for sterilization, and disinfection in a clinical dental setting. This class features step-by-step analyses of appropriate clinical methods for handling instruments and other dental equipment during the sterilization process.

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Introduction to Clinical Setting

This class provides students with fundamental knowledge of common workplace tasks that dental assistants execute several times daily, including, but not limited to, duties like front-desk check-in of patients, the seating of patients from lobby to dental chair, the initial assessment of a patient in dental chair, and a brief overview of the role that…

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Introduction to Dental Assisting

This class outlines the dental professional industry, specifically covering the function of the dental assistant in a general practice dental office. An overview of the vast dental specialties popular in the U.S. are detailed in this course, as well as the Dental professional associations that govern them. The ethics of dentistry is also reviewed, emphasizing…

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What we do

At NEPA Dental Assisting School, the goal of our program is to provide a foundation of practical knowledge to become a dental assistant. Our teaching staff of expert dentists and dental assistants instruct students through conventional classroom lecture, paired with hands-on dental training. Dental externships, in local dental offices, are built into the program’s conclusion to help students develop professional experience before stepping out on their own into the field.

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Dental Assistants are gaining credibility and popularity in the United States job market faster than ever before. From performing patient care to taking dental x-rays and medical record-keeping, dental assistants are a vital member of any oral healthcare team. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, dental assisting will increase by 11% by 2030 (U.S Labor, 2020). Earn your Dental Assistant Certificate in just twelve weeks.

Basic Dental Assistant responsibilities:

  • Assist Dentist with Treatment
  • Provide Direct Patient Care
  • Take Dental X-Rays & Impressions of Teeth
  • Record Patient History and Vital Signs
  • Sterilize & Prepare Dental Instruments
  • Instruct Patients on Proper Care Following Procedures
  • Communicate with Patients
  • Communicate with Dental Labs and Material Suppliers
  • Oral Hygiene Instructor

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